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  1. Honor Famous Personalities
    Honor Famous Personalities
    N.B.A also organizes fundraising time to time which is well supported by their members and their friends. Well Known Personalites are also invited and honored during the events.
    Conducts Annual Picnic with sports participated by old and young. Prize distribution held on premises to honor the winners. Excellent homely food brought my members. Barbeque done at the picnic site.
    N.B.A celebrates ONAM every year. Our members cooks and bring delicious food for the OnaSadhya and enjoys the great entertainment programs after the sadhya put up by our very own members and their family.
  4. NBA Bhajana
    NBA Bhajana
    Bhajana's are held every month and on festive seasons like Mandala Masams. These are sponsored by our members.
  5. Bhagwatha Parayanam
    Bhagwatha Parayanam
    N.B.A seniors conducts the Bhagwatha Parayanam and Ramayana Parayanam.
  6. Family Night
    Family Night
    N.B.A holds a family night every year. On this day all N.B.A families come together socialize and have a good time.
  7. Member Recognition
    Member Recognition
    We recognize and honor our members for their valuable contributions to the society.
    Family Trips are Organized by our Youth Committee to the most exotic places which are equally enjoyed by all our members family.

Our Background

Nair Benevolent Association (NBA) was founded in 1981. It is a non profit association dedicated in various cultural, social, and charity activities for Malayalee communities based in Tri state areas. It conducts various charity functions which benefits various communities all around USA and India. These functions are free and open to everybody. NBA is supported by its generous members and friends whose donations help in running the association. All donations to NBA are tax deductible.

Purpose of Forming the Nair Association​​

The Nair Community members, who were living in the Tristate Area back in the seventees felt the need for a Nair Association for those who have origin or connection by birth, marriage or otherwise with the Malayalee Nair community for the purpose of fostering friendship, co-operation and progress among its members and enhancing their religious, social and cultural life based in the traditional ways of life and values of the Malayalee Nair community.

At present the association has over 350 Nair families holding Life Time Membership.