About Us

Nair Benevolent Association (NBA) was founded in 1981. It is a non profit association dedicated in various cultural, social, and charity activities for Malayalee communities based in Tri state areas. It conducts various charity functions which benefits various communities all around USA and India. These functions are free and open to everybody. NBA is supported by its generous members and friends whose donations help in running the association. All donations to NBA are tax deductible.

Purpose of Forming the Nair Association

Executive Committee

Komalam PIllai

Mr. Karunakaran (Komalam) Pillai 

Janardhanan Thoppil

Mr. Janardhnan Thoppil 
Vice President

Sethu Madhavan

Mr. Sethu Madhavan 
General Secretary

Ramdas Kochuparambil

Mr. Ramdas Kochuparambil 
Joint Secretary

Reghuvaran Nair

Mr. Reghuvaran Nair 

Gopinath Kurup

Mr. Gopinath Kurup 
Board of Trustees (Chairman)

Vanaja Nair

Mrs. Vanaja Nair 
Board of Trustee (Chairman)

Pradeep Menon

Mr. Pradeep Menon 
Board of Trustee (Recording Trustee)

Jayaprakash Nair

Mr. Jayaprakash Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Narayanan Nair               

Mr. Narayanan Nair 
Board of Trustees Member

Shobha Karuvakkat           

Mrs. Shobha Karuvakkkat 

Mr. Appukuttan Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Appukuttan Pillai

Mr. Appukuttan Pillai 
Executive Committee Member

Kala Menon

Mrs. Kala Menon 
Executive Committee Member

Pradeep Pillai

Mr. Pradeep Pillai 
Executive Committee Member

Mr. Narendran Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Prabhakaran Nair

Mr. Prabhakaran Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Chitraja Chandramohan

Mrs. Chitraja Chandramohan 
Executive Committee Member

Sunil Nair

Mr. Sunil Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Mr. Sasi Pillai 
Executive Committee Member

Babu Menon

Mr. Babu Menon 
Executive Committee Member

Mr. Vijayakumar Nair 
Executive Committee Member

Dr. P.G Nair 

Raghunathan Nair

Mr. Raghunathan Nair