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  1. Honor Famous Personalities
    Honor Famous Personalities
    N.B.A also organizes fundraising time to time which is well supported by their members and their friends. Well Known Personalites are also invited and honored during the events.
    Conducts Annual Picnic with sports participated by old and young. Prize distribution held on premises to honor the winners. Excellent homely food brought my members. Barbeque done at the picnic site.
    N.B.A celebrates ONAM every year. Our members cooks and bring delicious food for the OnaSadhya and enjoys the great entertainment programs after the sadhya put up by our very own members and their family.
  4. NBA Bhajana
    NBA Bhajana
    Bhajana's are held every month and on festive seasons like Mandala Masams. These are sponsored by our members.
  5. Bhagwatha Parayanam
    Bhagwatha Parayanam
    N.B.A seniors conducts the Bhagwatha Parayanam and Ramayana Parayanam.
  6. Family Night
    Family Night
    N.B.A holds a family night every year. On this day all N.B.A families come together socialize and have a good time.
  7. Member Recognition
    Member Recognition
    We recognize and honor our members for their valuable contributions to the society.
    Family Trips are Organized by our Youth Committee to the most exotic places which are equally enjoyed by all our members family.

Presidents Message

Mr. Komalan Pillai

Dear Members,
More than 35 years since its inception, NBA has had a great run and will continue to. I am very proud to be a part of it and I am sure all our members are equally proud of NBA's presence. NBA has brought members belonging to Nair community together. Each and every member has many wonderful memories to cherish. I personally have understood more and have come much closer to our Nair culture after becoming a part of NBA. The festivals of Kerala - VISHU, ONAM has not come so close to every member of every family like it is now. I can say with full faith that every child in every Nair household residing here in America is much more well versed about these festivals than our counterparts in the rest of the world. I thank NBA and its members to make it so wonderful and delightful. NBA has also embarked us on to a devotional journey by conducting Monthly bhajans, Bhagavatha vayana and weekly Mandalakalam bhajans thereby increasing our Spiritual wealth. I think we can all agree that being part of NBA has molded us in to becoming a better human being.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our Executive Committee members for their dedication and hard work and for voluntarily taking out time from their day to day activities in planning and executing our events and to make our association a progressive place for all of us and in providing a positive and uplifting environment for our youth. I would like to thank all our members who have actively supported us in all our planned events. I hope and pray that members of our community come together always and make NBA a home away from home.

We had the good fortune of meeting and being amidst well accomplished and learned people this year and in meeting and seeing these, it made me understand that humility is the most revered character in a person.

Let us as members work together, respect one another and own the Association and strengthen it.

Best wishes,
Mr. Komalan PIllai